A3 Tower

A company built on tradition needed an unforgettable identity.





A3 Tower is a family owned and operated communication tower construction company. Specializing in RF modifications, structural upgrades, AM/FM and microwave installations, tower erection, welding services, steel fabrication, wireless carrier installations, RF site analysis, wireless carrier and broadcast lease agreements, and all other aspects of the telecommunications, broadcast and RF industry.

Business Objective

A3 Tower wanted to update the appearance of there company with an engaging new logo. They were looking to visually communicate that they were family owned and operated as well as convey that they were a world class communication tower construction company.

SharpHat Involvement

In the New York Metropolitan Area competition is intense and standing out in the crowded market is a challenge no matter what industry you are in. SharpHat, Inc. assessed all aspects of the A3 Tower business and fabricated an engaging and memorable logo that stands out in the crowd while communicating who A3 Tower is and what they stand for.

The Results

Starting with the Allen family crest as a base for the logo we began to graphically simplify the image. Inserting 3 communication towers into the family crest we were able to visually represent the 3 people that made up the A3 Tower leadership. The color palette was chosen with purpose as SharpHat decided to go with international orange (which is actually closer to red) to represent A3 Tower. The color isn’t just eye catching, it is an industry standard for communication towers because it is easily visible through dense fog. Luckily for A3 Tower the color is easily visible amongst other companies The result  is the creation of a visually impactful logo and full array of business marketing collateral that gives A3 Tower a competitive edge.