Partners For Architecture

SharpHat was asked to design and develop a website that would be a complete architectural portfolio and business solution.






Partners for Architecture designs beautiful structures and was in desperate need of a website that conveyed the quality of their work. They were also in need of some search engine optimization as their current digital presence was dismal. SharpHat set out on a mission to breathe life into their brand through a fresh website that would allow them to manage their portfolio easily and provide a simple way for potential clients to see what they are capable of.

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Business Objective

The goals were simple. SharpHat needed to take PFA’s existing branding an easy to navigate website that conveyed the beauty of the buildings they designed. The site had to work across multiple platforms and have a very specific look and feel that was in line with the work they perform.

Functionally, the site had to be simple to manage so that the clients could upload projects, edit existing projects, and have SEO that was easy to manage on a page by page basis in order to maximize their internet exposure.

SharpHat Involvement

SharpHat decided that using WordPress made the most sense to fit PFA’s goals. WordPress is a content  management system that can be customized to allow clients with little to no knowledge of website infrastructure, manage content and functions on their website. It is a powerful tool that allows any level of user, advanced control with little to no training.

SharpHat provided PFA with static design comps of each page of the site so the client knew exactly what the finished product would look like. Once the client approved the design, we set out to customize WordPress to look and act the way we had discussed during the design phase. Prior to launch we also researched popular keywords for the architecture industry and applied our knowledge of SEO to the url structure, content, file naming, and html structure to assure PFA had maximum exposure for their industry terms.

The Results

Built on a scalable content management system, SharpHat created a dynamic site that functions across desktop and mobile platforms. This gives Partners For Architecture the ability to manage and personalize all of their content, as well as apply SEO to each new page they create.

When ground was broken on an exciting new architectural endeavor, their site could easily be updated and formatted to look great on all devices. They have since experienced an increase in visibility across the web, and now have a strong advertising tool that will help grow their business.


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