Partners For Architecture

A website designed to showcase PFA’s vast architecture portfolio.





Organizational Profile

Partners for Architecture (PFA) is a Stamford-based architectural and design firm, founded in 2000.  PFA proudly designs comprehensive and environmentally responsible structures, including commercial, residential, educational, among others.

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Business Objective

PFA needed a website that reflected the quality of their work, as well as SEO to improve their digital footprint. PFA needed an easy to navigate website to incorporate their existing branding, and to convey the beauty of the buildings they design. The site would need to work cross-platform, and be easy to manage, upload content to, and edit independently.

SharpHat Involvement

Built on WordPress (a scalable content management system), SharpHat created a dynamic site that functions across multiple desktop and mobile platforms. The implementation allows PFA the ability to add SEO to each page they create. Since the launch of their new site, PFA has experienced an increase in visibility, and has a strong advertising tool that enables increased growth for their business.


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