Mobile Landscape Manager

Bartlett hired SharpHat to standardize their workflow and reduce paperwork through a mobile application.






Discover how Bartlett Tree Experts revolutionized their sales operations with Electronic Landscape Manager (ELM), a mobile solution tailored to their unique needs. Learn how SharpHat’s expertise propelled Bartlett’s growth by over 1,500%.


Bartlett faced the challenge of standardizing sales processes, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, unifying proposal language across branches, enhancing customer service, and expediting proposal turnaround times.

Business Objective

Electronic Landscape Manager (ELM) is a cutting-edge mobile tool empowering Bartlett’s extensive arborist sales force across the United States, Canada, and the UK. ELM enables arborists to create visual property representations, including buildings, decks, ponds, trees, and shrubs. This holistic view streamlines property analysis, allowing arborists to identify areas needing attention. ELM also facilitates the recording of comprehensive tree and shrub details, providing quick access for future visits.

SharpHat Involvement

SharpHat’s implementation of ELM revolutionized Bartlett’s operations by enhancing proposal accuracy and standardizing procedures. Arborists can now assess conditions and generate proposals on-site, thanks to ELM. An extensive, searchable database aids sales representatives in diagnosing insect and disease issues, significantly reducing inquiries to Bartlett’s Tree Research Laboratories by up to 60%.

“We want to service our customers in a different way than most arborists do. This solution gives us the necessary tools to accomplish this objective.”
– David Andry • [former] Bartlett VP- CIO.


Developed in Visual Basic with an Oracle Lite database, ELM has been in production since 2001, and has undergone hundreds of enhancements and upgrades. SharpHat addressed the limitations of Oracle Replication by creating a custom data synchronization tool. This innovation resulted in an impressive reduction in synchronization times by over 80%.

Since the introduction of ELM, Bartlett’s revenues have surged by more than 1,500%!

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  • Visual Basic
  • VB .NET Interop
  • .Net Framework
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Lite