NFL Regional Combines

A web app built to streamline the application process of the Regional Combines for the NFL.






The path from college to the National Football League is different for each player. Aspiring pros from major Division I programs are featured on nationally televised games and are written about in national publications, while those from smaller schools often don’t get that sort of exposure.

The NFL launched the first NFL Regional Combine in 2012 to serve as a supplement to the League’s National Scouting Combine. They are designed to provide an opportunity for participants to display their NFL potential and for scouts and executives to find talent.

NFL Regional Combines

Business Objective

The NFL needed an application that could provide a simple interface that would be highly intuitive, feature seamless navigation between multiple media files, and integrates with the NFL’s website and media to provide a cohesive user experience.

SharpHat and the NFL have a long standing relationship of extremely successful projects so it only made sense that they looked to SharpHat to build a web site that would streamline the registration process for all interested players while promoting the Regional Combines.

At the basic level it needed to provide applicants with a vehicle for registration, as well as upcoming events, information, and a wealth of relevant NFL-related information.

SharpHat Involvement

Before the program could be publicized, the NFL needed a website that  would shift the Combine’s brand and create buzz. SharpHat took the project and helped the NFL’s vision come to fruition.

After visiting the Combine and doing thorough research, SharpHat went to work on the design and development of an application that would streamline registration and business processes. The project was completed in only a matter of months.

As requirements have changed and the Combine has evolved, SharpHat has stayed on top of the site with 40 releases in the last 4 years.

“From the start, our intention was to create a highly intuitive, NFL-branded website that allowed players to easily sign up for a combine, as well as provide NFL scouts the ability to utilize the site to gauge interest in players.”
– Nick Maou • CEO, SharpHat Inc.

The Results

The Regional Combine website was launched and running live on December 6th, 2011 to serve registrations for the opening year. The site provides potential applicants with a vehicle for registration, as well as upcoming events, information and a wealth of relevant NFL-related information and media.

3 years after the rebranding of the NFL Regional Combines, they have seen almost 200% uptick in user registration. SharpHat has continued to work on the project to-date, taking charge of maintaining the site since the launch.

Registration Increase


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  • JQuery
  • VB.Net
  • JQuery UI
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Knockout.js