Everyone loves a good success story, right?  Well, here’s one of mine that I’m particularly proud of, so I guess that makes this a bit of a #humblebrag as well.

When I first started at SharpHat – actually, on my first day – the CEO and I set a very specific sales goal for me to work towards.  Knowing what this would mean to: a) my boss, b) my team, and c) myself in times of self-doubt, this was something I worked on and thought about daily (for almost 15 months) until I did it!  My goal didn’t happen on the first attempt – but that doesn’t mean it was a “failure.”  It took a lot of research, strategy sessions, phone calls, and many follow ups.  The joint efforts (and successes!) of the SharpHat team on this are something I am really proud of – and will now serve as a benchmark for any future goals.

I find it really helpful in the sales process to try and stay organized, be persistent.

This includes making lists (I’m a fan of old-school kind, you know, using a notepad and pen!?) and visualizing my objectives.  Whether it means  reaching out to a new contact, or emailing an existing one to say “Hey, I just read XXX in the news – looks like big things are happening for your team, congrats!”, I like to have my plan in place and know exactly who/ what/ where.  The persistency piece is a little tougher.  I usually try to connect with prospects every which way possible (personalized LinkedIn messages, email, and even snail mail) so they can’t forget my name and where I work.

Does everyone I call or email actually want to, or have the time then and there to connect with me?

Probably not. But I always keep my end goal in mind, and just schedule another reminder to reach back out.  It can be a fine line to walk – between being persistent and a bother – but not if you “read the room.”  If you are being overly aggressive, calling at the same time daily, maybe that person has a standing meeting at 4PM and it just isn’t a good time.  Listen, take notes, and try a different approach next time.

So…What Is My Point?

It’s simple: set the bar high, and don’t give up!  Even one small victory is worth celebrating, and a step in the right direction.  State your goals aloud so they are not just a thought, but a commitment you are making to yourself.  Some things in life (both personal and professional) may seem like a momentous task and like they are unattainable.  But aren’t those the things that are the most worthwhile, and the ones that actually make us a success?

Is this a difficult, long, stressful (at times) process?  Yup!  Is it fun, engaging, and rewarding?  Absolutely!  Would I do it all over again?  In a heartbeat, and not change a thing!  In fact, I’ve set some pretty big goals for myself for this year (and, will be sure to share not if, but when I hit those goals as well)!

If you’re reading this, you have invested in your success, so kudos to you for that!  Now, go get those goals!  And…if your curiosity has been piqued on what said goal was…contact me here, and maybe I will divulge some details!


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About Meghan Dowd

Meg is the Director of Sales at SharpHat, and is responsible for spearheading sales growth and enhancing partnerships with our clients. When she’s not running the ship here, you can find Meg spending time with her family, whose favorite pastimes include arts & crafts and pizza night.