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Quarantine Cooking FTW

By May 4, 2020 2 Comments

Quarantine cooking for the win!  If you are anything like #TeamSharpHat, you are spending a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen these days.  Our team has been cooking up a storm, and coming up with some pretty impressive culinary masterpieces.  Move over Food Network stars, there are some new up-and-coming chefs in town.

A look into SharpHat’s “Quarantine Cooking Chronicles”


Mike doubles as Taste QA to his wife’s incredible creations, including pop tarts, crème brulee, and these Macarons (adapted from Tasty).  Mike, please tell Keri that we are happy to sample any of her work, and we will put in a formal request to do so when we are back in the office. 


Nick’s Pork Marsala was one of the best meals he’s ever made.  What was his secret?  “Using a cast iron pan really put a sear on the pork.  Also, make sure the pork is on the bone.  It’s more tender, and you can’t beat the flavor when it’s cooked on the bone.  And last but not least, don’t overcook it!  Use a meat thermometer if you are food-doneness-illiterate like I am.”  The finishing touch?  Pairing it with your favorite wine, of course.  Enjoy!


DJ made Broiled Tilapia with béchamel sauce and a side of broccoli and cheese pasta.  “It was my first time making béchamel; we had milk that was going to expire, and an excess of flour and capers.”  Props to DJ and Bri for being resourceful and using pantry ingredients!


Meg here!  I have been making my all-time favorite meal, Prime Rib with Garlic Herb Butter – and the fact that it’s kid-approved is a double win.  The hardest part of making it?  Not opening the oven to smell the garlic, buttery deliciousness!  I actually tape the oven shut so my husband and I can’t open it up.  Not joking here…proof of this is below.



Cy has been baking chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, and this Hokkaido Milk Bread – a light and fluffy white bread.  Cy Lee: technical genius, trivia wiz, and now, a baker – a hidden talent we didn’t know he had!


Henry’s Smoked Short Ribs and  Homemade Bread have us realizing why his trivia nickname is “Grill Master”.  We are also wondering why he hasn’t made us fresh bread yet…



Cooking some Instagram-worthy meals?  Send them to us or comment below!  Clearly we have some extra free time to perfect our culinary skills…

Oh, and you get bonus points if you send us your new favorite cocktail recipe – those are especially welcomed at this time.  We promise to try those out and report back!

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